Inzer - Wrist Wraps Z

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  • IWI-030
  • Inzer
  • 1 kg
The super powerful Iron Wrist Wraps Z delivers the most supreme support of all wrist wraps.... more
Product information "Inzer - Wrist Wraps Z"

The super powerful Iron Wrist Wraps Z delivers the most supreme support of all wrist wraps.

The loop of the Inzer wrist wraps is sewn on one side only.This the is standard manufacturing.The wraps can be put on the left and right wrists without a problem.

  • Provides excellent comfort and perfect support
  • The best wrist wraps in the world make it the choice of champions worldwide
  • Strong grip Velcro straps fasten the Iron Wrist Wraps Z securely in place
  • The Velcro straps are wide for strength and long for generous adjustment advantage
  • Strong, durable and wide elastic thumb loops are secured in place with long lasting construction
  • One pair (2 IronWristWrapsZ)


Inzer Advance Designs Iron Wraps Z. When Iron Wraps Z hit the market they were immediately recognized by serious powerlifters all over the world as the ultimate in performance and protection. Soon the Inzer Iron Wraps Z, with their distinctive red stripes on black background, were seen on every lifting platform around the world. Iron Wraps Z became the undisputed #1 choice of powerlifters worldwide. Due to the strict controls and testing of the Iron Wraps Z material, some material is rejected from time to time if it does not meet Inzer quality standards for performance. Because of the unchallenged popularity of the Inzer Iron Wraps Z, a couple competitor companies opted to obtain the reject material from a mill and try to market it as if it was the same quality as the true wrap. One competitor did at least change the name but proclaims their wraps, made of the rejected yardage, to be of equal quality. The fact is there is only one TRUE Iron Wraps Z and it is made by Inzer Advance Designs. The Inzer strict quality control guarantees that each and every pair of Iron Wraps Z and Iron Wrist Wraps Z provides the same unmatched performance and protection that a serious powerlifter demands. To be certain you are receiving the real Iron Wraps Z, the most popular and most powerful wraps in the world, look for the Inzer logo on the wrap ends and be sure to purchase them from Inzer Advance Designs or an official Inzer distributor. 


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