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Inzer - Atomic Knee Wraps Inzer - Atomic Knee Wraps
Hard as steel + super rebound. The multi-patented Atomic Wraps are the only wraps in the world capable of delivering both of these needed qualities, giving you control of your best lifts ever! The proven, top performing competition knee...
From €69.00 *
Inzer - Atomic Wrist Wraps Inzer - Atomic Wrist Wraps
Rock solid wrist support gives you control for your best lifts ever! Multi-patented gripper technology delivers peak performance every time. Tight and hard, with Quad-Track™ interwoven condensed-rubber cords, delivers integrated support...
From €49.00 *
Inzer - Gripper Knee Wraps Inzer - Gripper Knee Wraps
Description: Knee wrapping safety and ease of use. Support above and beyond anything from anywhere before. • Safest wrap ever. Stays in place. Doesn’t slide or slip around. Provides the most security in knee joint protection ever. •...
From €48.00 *
Inzer - Gripper Wrist Wraps Inzer - Gripper Wrist Wraps
The wrap material that is taking the world by storm is now available as a wrist wrap! Available in two lengths, this wrap will provide support and stability without the worry of slipping. The loop of the Inzer wrist wraps is sewn on one...
From €35.00 *
Inzer - Iron Knee Wrap Z - Kniebandagen Inzer - Iron Knee Wrap Z - Kniebandagen
Description: The most powerful, most popular, most effective knee wrap in the world! Super tight, extreme rubber strand design for the ultimate rebound Designed to grip the skin which eliminates the need for chalking the knees to keep...
From €40.00 * €50.50 *
Inzer - Wrist Wraps Z Inzer - Wrist Wraps Z
The super powerful Iron Wrist Wraps Z delivers the most supreme support of all wrist wraps. The loop of the Inzer wrist wraps is sewn on one side only.This the is standard manufacturing. The wraps can be put on the left and right wrists...
From €22.00 *